When you tap this cup, it rings like a bell.  You'll notice that it is fluted, and that all of the design is hand done.  It is a magnificent piece of art, and needs to be preserved. 

The people who made this cup, made them for the Tzar of All the Russias! Tzar Nicholas II. By the time this cup was made, The Tzar and his family were all dead, and the communist party owned the factory! They hated the luxury items being made there, but they kept it running for a few years because they needed the money. The foreign exchange, Dollars and Pounds!


This is a priceless work of art, because, it is Exquisite and irreplaceable! We’re not able to hand make something like this anymore. There won’t be anymore like it again  forever!


If you want something Super Special,

This Is IT!.

Also, this same cup and saucer were on Antique Road Show several years ago and were valued at $1,200.00.










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